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Video Instructions

How to remove your 3D Crack sticker without damaging your wall

Warning! – Sticker removal should be done by an adult only.

  1. Please remove the screws from the wall prior to removing the crack sticker.
  2. Using a standard hair dyer set the heat to the highest setting.
  3. Applying heat to the sticker should be done evenly… holding the dryer 1-2 inches from the wall.
  4. Make sure to heat the entire surface before attempting to remove the sticker
  5. Once you have heated the entire sticker, start to remove the sticker from the top slowly pulling it off the wall in a downward motion.
  6. Position dryer above the sticker as you pull it off to help release the adhesive.
  7. For best results please do not rush this process. Take your time and remove the sticker slowly.
  8. Use warm water with soap to remove some of the left over adhesive.

NOTE: This process will vary depending on the climate in your area and how long the sticker has been on your wall. 

Important Safety Instructions

Please read all instructions first before applying sticker and mounting 3D Deco/Night Lights. You can apply your 3D Crack ticker to any smooth flat surface but make sure it is clean of dirt or grit and completely dry. Newly painted walls need at least 2 weeks before applying sticker.


The 3D Deco Lights are NOT toys.
DO NOT mount 3D Deco Lights in reach of children.

Important Safety Instructions

• For indoor use only.
• Do not use in or near water.
• Mount only on a surface that is mechanically sound.
• Do not mount near gas or electric heaters, fireplaces, candles, or other sources of heat.

Important Safety Instructions when using Batteries with this product.

• Placing the batteries for the first time and replacing the batteries should be done by adults only.
• Use AA or AAA batteries only.
• Turn Light off during the day to conserve battery life.
• Dispose of batteries safely.

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